Blitz 5-2-15
Birding Blitz 2014 Winners

Open A "Big Day" Winners:
Keith McMullen & Leroy Harrison, the "SI Hotshots", with 159 species

Open B Winners:
Tyler Hallman, Jessi Hallman, Chelsea DeVivo, & Jessica Whitaker, the "Orn Stars", with 110 species

County Big Day Winners:
Craig Taylor & Steve Bailey, with 133 species

55 or Better Winners:
Nelda Hinckley, Richard LaSalle, & Dennis Hale, the "Old Coots", with 80 species

Muscle-powered Winners:
Vicki Lang-Mendenhall, Steven Juhlin, Don Mullison, & Rhonda Rothrock, the "Cocoa-billed Cuckoos", with 117 species

Birding Blitz organizers and participants would like to thank all of those individuals and groups that supported the Birding Blitz through cash pledges or in-kind donations, with a special "Thank You" to the Chicago Ornithological Society, the DuPage Birding Club, the Illinois Ornithological Society, the Illinois Audubon Society, the Illinois Birder's Forum, ILBirds Listserve, Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, and the Southernmost Illinois Tourism Bureau.

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